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Dear authors,

according to Conference areas which are explained in Ist CALL we bring you the Technical Instructions for the preparation, transmission and presentation of your Conference paper on 2nd International conference in the field of Sports, Science, Education and Development, InSSED 2016. Each paper is evaluated in relation that it corresponds to the intention of the journal, and then it get reviewed. The authors are responsible for the content and the ethics of everything that is in the paper. The authors can be requested to give a specific statement that the work has not been published in another publication.


Before sending the paper it is necessary to fill Registration Form. The Registration form can be downloaded at entitled: "Registration Form".


It is recommended that the authors keep the structure of the journal that includes:  the Abstract, the Introduction, the Problem and the Aim, the Methods, the Results, the Discussion, the Conclusion and the Literature. This recommendation does not bind the authors but helps on the way to ease the understanding of the material and the publication. . The attachments /paper/  are not limited by size, but should not exceed 7 pages if you want to be published in the International Journal Sport Science. The text font is Verdana, titles in the text are in size 9 bold, line spacing is in size 1 and justified and created in two columns. The titles are in the text font Verdana in the size 10, author’s font in size 9 bold, author's institutions in size 9 italic (University, Faculty and the country of origin). Expected size is 12 000 characters without tables and images (exceptionally it can be 14 000 characters). All tables should be standardized (e.g. MS Excel) by the APA standard and adjusted to the column. Images, photographs and other illustrations should be in vector format or resolution that provides quality printing (600 dpi).

List and references:

Lists of literature, as well as other forms of text formatting, will be accepted if they are made by the APA standard (American Psychological Association), translated into English with an indication of the original language in brackets.

***Important note for authors:

All those author's that are rated as excellent in terms of the Abstract will have the opportunity to publish an extension of final paper in the International Journal Sport Science. Other Abstracts of participants who are reported and presented, it will be printed in the Conference proceedings of InSSED 2016.


The deadline for sending Abstract: October 15th, 2016 (Bosnian or English)

The deadline for sending the Completed paper: November 1st, 2016

Mode send operation:

Abstract of Final paper are sending exclusively in electronic form (e-mail: ). Please named, Abstract or Completed paper on form as: First name_ Last name_Conference area. Please in the subject of the e-mail write: Registration_Apstract or Registration_Completed paper.

Exposure Mode:

Expose paper in Power Point, start presentation with Abstract with short explanation of methodology and results, 10 minutes, (Bosnian or English language). Please, send presentation on time, by 1st November by e-mail; , appoint the form: PP_First name_Last name_Conference area.

* Note: Attachments that do not fulfill the conditions or if they need further consultation will be returned to the author with the warning about the actions that need to be undertaken.

Methods of payment:

a) The registration fee of  50EUR (for authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina)

b) The registration fee of  100EUR (for authors outside Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Payment account:

Faculty of Education, University of Travnik, BiH

a) For authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bank name: Unicredit Bank d.d. Kardinala Stepinca bb, 88000 Mostar

Account number:3386702218858829

b)    Non for Bosnia and Herzegovina authors:

Bank name: Unicredit Bank d.d. Kardinala Stepinca bb, 88000 Mostar

Account number:  SWIFT: UNCRBA22  IBAN: BA393386704818973317

c) Pay on the arrival of the Conference

The registration fee do not include participants /students of creative Workshop

* Important Note!

The registration fee is paid for each participant who will attend the Conference InSSED 2016, while the virtual presentation pays one fee for one registered paper regardless of the number of authors in the reported paper.

More about the conference can be found at:

For further questions please contact us at e-mail:

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