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2nd International, Sport, Science, Education and

Development Conference 2016.,
InSSED 2016

Date: 04-06 November 2016.

Venue: Faculty of Education Travnik, B&H

Accommodation: Hotel "Blanca" , Vlašić, Travnik


News from the Conference Office of InSSED 2016


Today creative team of InSSED conference besides preparing the organization also worked on the Art of the specific content for the opening ceremony of InSSED 2016 conference at which we expect: Special Promo Video, actors, ballerinas and Exhibition of OK BIH "RIO 2016."


Planning activities of InSSED SPECIAL PART OF CONFERENCE has passed by in creative arranging activities with Ph.D. Lejla Šebić for "Innovation in practical work fitness program". Pursuant to the planned amenities Special part of Conference will include interesting theoretical and practical presentations, and innovation in the fitness industry and forms of functional training.



Conference team office of InSSED is already working to accelerate the activities on the occasion of the Second international conference in the field of sports, science, education and development InSSED 2016. The goal of this year's InSSED is a networking through project ideas in the regional network, and that the workshop "Towards the ERASMUS + 2017 " make a common vision that we can connect to the satisfaction of all higher education institutions in the region.

In addition to the planned workshops, the content will include Conference fields of sports science, pedagogy and psychology in sports, leadership and challenges, and project activities. For special part of the conference there will be presentation "Innovation in the fitness industry." Also it is expected to be special activities: exhibition, book promotion, artistic representations.



Faculty of Education

University of Travnik

The Association for Research, Science and Development

Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Faculty of Sport and Physical Education

University in Sarajevo

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education

University of Novi Sad


The Federal Ministry of Education and Science


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